How to cope with your child’s stress during the COVID outbreak?

Covid-19 has adversely affected every person. The daily routine of almost every individual has changed and has led to frustration for many. Adults are at liberty to vent out their frustration but it’s the muted victims, our children, which are at maximum risk. Frustration, agitation, clinginess has been on the rise among kids due to the lack of movement/interaction/play/extra-curricular activities. Children are getting annoyed sitting all day at home. Parents need to deal with them very carefully.

Few tips that can help to overcome these situations:

  • Respond to your child’s actions/reactions in a positive & supportive way. Appreciate them for their unique skillset, patience levels, and learning-oriented approach
  • Spare time to spend with them, to play & learn; reassuring them about your presence in their life
  • Always keep your tone low while speaking to your kid. Talk to them kindly and make sure you calmly explain the points
  • Show/Express that you care & love them. Patting their back when they complete even a small task and hugging them are great encouraging gestures
  • Do not forget to include ‘Kids time’ in your daily routine

In short, some cuddling, caring, reading a story together, or watching a movie with them, i.e. spending quality time will help your child to cope up with this dullness/stress in this outbreak and also strengthen your bond.

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex team

Date: 15-09-2020