Mobile healthcare is considered to be amongst the emerging trends in the healthcare ecosystem. A lot of new paradigms have been introduced to raise the bar of healthcare delivery.

Few components of e-health include:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)
  • E-consulting
  • Tele-medicine

The provision of using tools & software for healthcare management has made accessibility easier for both provider and user.

A new facility in healthcare is the online doctor-patient consultation which is also known as Tele-consultation.

Moreover, EMR helps in storing the patient history which makes it convenient for both the healthcare provider as well as patients. A doctor can automatically access the patient’s health record/history during his follow-ups. This way, saving the patient data electronically over the cloud proves to be another milestone achieved in the healthcare ecosystem

Tele-health/m-health/e-health is presented as a strong strategy to overcome problems in rural areas where people are not much acquainted with technology advancements in healthcare services. Patients can now conveniently approach the healthcare providers without waiting in long lines for the appointment. They can easily communicate with their physicians. Patients who couldn't travel long distances can easily discuss their health issues with their doctors over the telephone/video call. They are not deprived of medical facilities now and can take advantage of the well-equipped infrastructure.

Countries like the USA, Canada, UK, and many well-established countries prefer e-health programs. The old-age population, patients who cannot travel to and fro can easily access these facilities. E-consulting has proved to be a boon for a large chunk of the population. Thus EMR, telehealth, teleconsultation have all proved that it can help with a better future with improvement in better healthcare access for the urban as well as rural population.

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex team

Date: 08-09-2020